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Revenge of A Queen

Lying in my chambers I thought back of the day my life had been torn apart. Henry with Jane Seymour in his arms, his lips on hers, the look of devotion he had shown me now for her. My husband, my love… lost to another as I carried his son. His betrayal cut like a knife as we had fought, his concern for our son, not for me. I knew I was lost. Discarded as Catherine has been for me, in the end we were the same. Two women used by the King for his own gain, the dawning of that realisation scarring me forever.

I had returned to my chambers, the pain of Henry’s betrayal tearing my heart apart and then the physical pain as I’d fallen forward. My son, my chance of redemption was leaving me as had his Father. I knew that this would be my end, I could not give the King the sons I had promised I would. He turned from me forever that day, the hate in his eyes, the scorn in his voice. Jane Seymour wore the locket he’d given her as I had once worn my crucifix before Catherine, with pride and arrogance. She knew she had the heart of a King, she knew I did not. Cranmer had come to me to see I was churched as was the rule for me to return to court, his eyes had shown it all. Everyone knew the truth but would not speak it aloud, that itself would cause their heads to roll. Queen Anne, Henry VIII’s Queen Consort… would be sent away and Jane Seymour would sit at His side. My thoughts went to Elizabeth at Hatfield, I rarely saw my daughter, she had been removed to Hatfield at a few months old, I visited when I could but it wasn’t enough, appearance dictated the way things should be. She was a Princess, a child of the Tudor line, not mine to love and cherish, merely mine to give to this world and walk away from her.

Dressing, ensuring all my jewels were in place, every symbol of my status as Queen clear. If I was to step aside for Mistress Seymour, I would not be doing it lightly. I am Anne Boleyn, and I loved my husband, my King, my Sovereign Lord too much to back down. The pearls in my hair shone, the pearls my husband had gifted me at Yuletide. I knew that my anger would have to contained, we fought Henry and I all the time, but this was our last fight.

Walking through the court, men and women who had once bowed as I moved now stood whispering. I heard the words, the rumours, that the Queen was living on borrowed time, she had failed in her duty. Another prince gone. I had heard my husband has been shown our child, that it was indeed a son but he lay buried somewhere, forgotten and unknown. Not unloved though, for I had loved and cherished the baby within me, my future, my hope. England’s hope. I felt the tears in my eyes, praying they didn’t fall.

Keeping my eyes on the door that led to where Henry sat, I saw him. The golden hair, the head like so many not lowered enough to show respect to the Queen. Edward Seymour, brother to my Lady in Waiting who I knew wasn’t with my other ladies. She was ill I had heard, I knew it was a lie… a lie used by Henry to Catherine when he had wanted me to come to him.

Jane Seymour, Queen in shadows, pretender to my throne.

My temper boiled and as I passed Edward Seymour, I quietly spoke.

She may have him now, I will in the end… have the love of my country.”

Anne Boleyn - Her Final Day. Made by StelladelNordN943

Richard Armitage - Lucas North - Spooks

“Once we understand writing is thinking, we stop being disappointed when our writing surprises us & takes us in a new direction.” — J Warnock 

From what I can gather, not a lot of people liked the Lucas/Maya story, but bar him being John sodding Bateman (stupid awful name) I liked them together.


Oh Lucas…

That smile, enough to make you melt.

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Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn - The Tudor - ‘And So It Begins’

Needing some inspiration so back to my video - the song reminds me of Henry over Anne… 

"If you marry me, I will give you many sons…” How those words haunted me as I found myself looking at the cold emotionless face of Sir Charles Brandon and the soldiers who stood behind him. The day I had feared arriving had dawned, the King, my husband, father of my beautiful Elizabeth had turned his heart away from me. There had been too many losses and it had cost me my love, and inevitably it seemed my life. How had it come to this, he had told me I was his beloved, we’d risked it all for this love and he had thrown it away, I’d begged for another chance to give him the son he craved, the son I knew I could give him and God had taken the child from me too soon. As I stood there unmoving I felt sympathy finally for Katherine of Aragon, I had never dreamed I’d feel that for her, I’d replaced her in Henry’s heart as it seemed that conniving bitch, Jane Seymour had now with me.

Closing my eyes as I listened to the words coming from the man who I knew had disliked me, or rather still held firm to his Catholic leaning, I recalled the joy I had felt when my belly had been full with child, despite feeling the coldness from Henry. He was straying from me, taking another mistress as was the way of Kings and despite my best effort to ensure it didn’t hurt, it had torn my heart from me.

” — 'Betrayed' by _StelladelNord_ on Wattpad.